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FB Check-Ins // June-July Focus: Cru

We encourage you to check-in on Facebook whenever you visit Pleasant Valley! Check-in at worship, at Bible Study, at AWANA, at a youth ministry activity, etc! And we’ve agreed that for every check-in on Facebook (or a post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ComeToPVBC), a certain amount will be donated to a worthy cause. In February and March, we made a donation to a local ministry called On Eagles Wings, which fights human trafficking in our backyard!  In April and May, we donated to Spiritual Care Link for refugees.

For the months of June and July, Pleasant Valley is committing to giving to an organization called Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), which:

engages college students all over the world with the Gospel!  In the first four months, their website,, has recorded over 7.6 million visits, including students from countries which are closed to the Gospel!

This is a great cause and we’re excited to partner with Cru, so go ahead and check in!


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