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Aug – Oct FB Check-In Cause: Chosen People

Whenever you’re worshiping with us – or anytime you’re on our campus – we invite you to check-in on Facebook! We’ve agreed that for every check-in on Facebook (or a post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ComeToPVBC), a certain amount will be donated to a great cause. In the months of August, September, and October, we are supporting an organization called Chosen People Ministries, which is a ministry to Jews aiming to show them that to follow Jesus is real Jewish Faith. After all, Paul does write in Romans 1 that salvation is “…to the Jew FIRST, then also to the Gentile.”

In the month of October, a representative from CPM, Darlene Line, will be with us for a first-person message (in full costume) as Miriam (Moses’ sister). We are very excited to have her with us!

So go ahead! Check in, and support this great outreach!



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